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Home training


One of the biggest problems with everyone in their puppies is the decision to make a pot in the house. Dog Names This is a big problem for me. Actually, this problem can come from a little puppy to a fully developed dog. We all know what can be the grief!


Now there is an accident and no one can control it. If your dog has potty for some time and there is an accident, then it is not a big deal that happens from time to time. They can not tell us that they have to go out. If you have a dog that is within your time and have some accidents, contact your veterinarian. I recommend checking with my veterinarian to ensure that I have no problem.


There are several ways that you can fix this problem.


My favorite way to solve this problem is praise and reward. Whenever you have a dog who is often in the house, whenever he comes out, reward him. Unique male dog names Positive power is important not to go inside your house for your dog. In fact, positive reinforcement is important if you want to teach almost anything to your dog.


The second way to solve this problem is to reject it. Now it's the right way to do it. In the meantime, your dog should know what a "bad dog" is. If they do not, if they do something wrong, such as home-popping, they are called "bad dogs" and then they bring them out to end the ponies. Give up chaos while leaving the dog or let someone chaos. Mexican dog names If you take the dog out with you, make sure that it potty, and of course it is not with treatment, but with positive reinforcement and praise. This will help them to understand that the inner potty is the right thing, which is not good, but the right thing.


I developed a different way to solve this problem. My dad (country boy) was asking me to rub my nose that confusion is at home and my nose is tapping a bit. Then he takes the dog straight out and prepares it. This dog has been set up to wrongly and fairly behave.


Let's go


When a dog jumps on you it is not salt, especially when a dog weighs more than 30 pounds, he jumps on you, a little kid or a big man. There are many dangers that jump on humans. Unique female dog names The dog can shake someone, knock someone down, or hurt someone. It is natural to jump to the dog when he best wishes to anyone. This is natural because it is going to be at our level. The hard part is solving the problem of this jump.


There are several ways to fix this problem. You can use character spray. The character spray looks like a compressed air horn. There is no sound in it. Just come out of a hose of air. The most important thing to remember is that it does not spray your dog directly, but rather to remove or remove it. Make sure you can still see the character spray can, and you will see that it is a discipline and not a toy.


Now before your dog jumps, you already have a refine spray in your hand. You can make sure that when the dog is in mid jump, you spray rectification spray. If you tell the dog after sprinkling the character spray "no jumps", it is important to tell your dog that it is not a desired behavior. It is important to keep this improvement consistent so that the dog can learn the process.


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